Nagoya Natural Food Center
Nagoya Natural Food Center
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Try our hand-made natural yeast bread made of selected flour, no eggs, no butter, and no milk.
Natural Yeast Rolls
Natural Yeast Rolls Plain ・・・・・・・ \150
Sesami ・・・・・・ \180
Dried figs ・・・・\180
Raisins ・・・・・・ \180
Natural Yeast Anpan
Natural Yeast Anpan Anpan ・・・・・・・ \200

Our anpan is made from the choicest flour, red beans, natural yeast, refined sesame oil, brown sugar, sesame and sun-dried salt. It is one of the most popular bread in our shop.
Natural Yeast leavened breads
Natural Yeast leavened breads Plain ・・・・・・・ \260
Raisins ・・・・・・ \280