Nagoya Natural Food Center
Nagoya Natural Food Center
Japanese-style food

For over forty years we have been supporting people who want to sustain and improve their healthy life styles. We deal with an assortment of reliable products such as condiments, natural cooking oils, healthy processed food, grains, sweeteners and beverages.

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Condiments Our products like condiments are made by using a traditional manufacturing process and include soy sauce, miso, salt, vinegar, sake for cooking......etc.
Cooking plant oil
Cooking plant oil There is a wide selection of good oils that aid in the preservation of our health. For instance, Green nuts virgin oil and Linseed oil, known as the "good fats", contain plenty of α- linolenic acid which assists with regulating blood circulation.
Healthy processed food
Healthy processed food You might think that "Healthy processed foods" sounds like an oxymoron. However, some products for which healthier alternatives like beans and vegetables in place of butter or sugar are used as ingredients are much more nourishing. For example, curry sauce, curry powder, spaghetti sauce, soy-burgers, vegetable meat balls which contain no meat, animal fat and have less sodium.
Grains Grain is used for many products as ingredients. Whole wheat flour, wheat germs, brown rice germs, buckwheat and adlay flour are particularly popular. They contain vitamin B complex, fibers, minerals and so on. These ingredients naturally help flushing out the body.
Sweeteners Everything needs a bit of sugar! Items like raw unrefined sugar, molasses, brown sugar and organic maple syrup are primarily selected for cooking and making sweets. For people concerned with blood-sugar levels, we also provide low sweetness high maltotetraose syrup. This contains only 1/2 the calories of white sugar.
Tea Everyone loves a good drink! A type of green tea called "bancha" contains significantly less caffeine and is loved amongst Japanese regardless of age or gender. We also have various kinds of teas such as organic (chamomile, rosehip, rooibos, etc. ) herb tea, dandelion tea, persimmon tea, houttuynia tea, coix seed tea, and so on. Come see our selection for yourself!